Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category A1 (Basic)

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1 Year

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Course Outline

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As the industry rebounds from the COVID 19 pandemic, global aviation has returned to its pre pandemic passenger growth and travel.

We at Sarsan Aviation Academy used this trend and developed tailormade courses for students with interest in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

As we are finalizing the GCAA CAR-147 approval process, we welcome students locally and globally from June 2022.

Our courses are designed specially to suit our students financial and professional needs. Allowing them to focus completely on their education and their future career development.

Our academy in Dubai Commerce City includes one of the most advanced leading-edge training facilities such as well-equipped workshops and classrooms enabling our learner to develop their technical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

After completion of 1 year of theoretical and practical training at Sarsan Aviation, the students will be doing 1 year of OJE (On Job Experience) with one of our partner organizations at one of the local airports in order to be qualified to apply for their CAT A1 license.

Duration: 2 years

Mode of delivery: This course is offered on a full time basis and in campus where students have to attend classes from Monday to Friday (9.00 AM till 2.30 PM).

Attendance: A minimum of 90% attendance is mandatory.

Assessment: Multiple choice based written examinations, essays and practical assessments in the workshop. Minimum pass mark is 75% in all form of assessments.

Course outline:

Module 1: Mathematics

Module 2: Physics

Module 3: Electrical Fundamentals 

Module 5: Digital Techniques

Module 6: Materials and Hardware

Module 7: Maintenance Practices

Module 8: Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9: Human Factors

Module 10: Aviation Legislation

Module 11A: Turbine Aeroplane

Module 15: Gas Turbine Engine

Module 17A: Propeller