EASA CAT B1.1/ B2 (Exams)Coming Soon

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Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers are always in demand in almost every country in the world especially in Europe, UK, CANDA, New Zealand and Australia. Most of the LAMEs prefer to have a globally recognized license such as EASA CAT B as well as having the local license.  An EASA approve license is recognized by most of the national civil aviation authorities in the world.

This course is designed for students or professionals who has the necessary practical experience and wishing to acquire a Category B EASA license. Sarsan Aviation Academy offers this course in partnership with one of it’s upcoming EASA  PART 147 approved partner

Duration: 5 Years access to finish the modular examinations 

Mode of delivery: This course is based on self-study method and students will prepare on their own and appear in the exams.

Assessment: Multiple choice based written examinations and essays. Minimum pass mark is 75% in all form of assessments.

Course outline:

Module 1: Mathematics

Module 2: Physics

Module 3: Electrical Fundamentals 

Module 4: Electronic Fundamentals

Module 5: Digital Techniques

Module 6: Materials and Hardware

Module 7: Maintenance Practices

Module 8: Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9: Human Factors

Module 10: Aviation Legislation

Module 11A: Aeroplanes Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Module 14: Propulsion

Module 15: Gas Turbine Engine

Module 17A: Propeller

This course is perfect for candidates who already has some experience in field of Aviation or has a CAT A license and willing to get the EASA CAT B license.