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Aviation Training Specialist of the Year 2022 "Sarsan Aviation Academy" UAE

Aviation Training Specialist of the Year 2022 “Sarsan Aviation Academy” UAE

The Corporate LiveWire Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields. The judges selected us as the strongest entry and we are very happy to be recognized as a winner. It is a greater honor to be placed in such distinguished rank of excellence in aviation as an aircraft maintenance engineering specialist. Aviation awards are recognition are powerful motivators leading to an increase in performance.  Awards in aviation do not only acknowledge success, but highlight achievements of faculty and students.

Dr.Eng. Suaad Alshamsi visit to Sarsan Aviation Academy

We are pleased to welcome the industry expert Dr.Eng. Suaad Alshamsi, the First Female Emirati Aircraft Engineer at Sarsan Aviation Academy.
Dr.Suaad has a unique expertise and professional view which is highly important for us. The purpose of her visit to explore the possibilities of the academy and to discuss options of cooperation with the Managing director Mr. Ayesh Shanah and Marketing Director Mr.Saher Fadel Alahmad.
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Mr. Ayesh Shanah, the Managing Director of Sarsan Aviation Academy was interviewed by Ms Swaati Ketkar and has been featured in the June 2022 edition of the MRO Business Today magazine. In that special interview he talks about the future and the challenges of the Aircraft Maintenance Industry.

Best Aviation Training Institute 2022 - UAE

We are excited to be able to share the final results from panel of judges from London and we are delighted to inform you that it’s great news! Sarsan Aviation Academy has been awarded; Best Aviation Training Institute 2022 – UAE Within the Education and Training Awards 2022, hosted by Corporate Vision.