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Meet our aircraft maintenance training specialists


The Aviation Academy has a committed and diverse team with strong work ethics and shared interests, forming strong bonds to contribute to the aviation industry.

Mr. Vikas Saxena

Mr. Vikas Saxena Has enrich experience for over 12 plus years and held various leadership positions in aircraft maintenance and training organizations.He has basic license and masters in marketing. He Possesses strong education professional skilled in technical training, aircraft maintenance and working knowledge about CAR147,CAR66,CAR145 and other regulatory requirements. He is currently working as Training and Examination Manager at Sarsan Aviation Academy, Dubai.
Vikas Saxena

Mr. Hany Nabil Rashed

Mr. Hany Nabil Rashed has Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering with over 14 years of experience in Aircraft Maintenance and hold a Cat B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance License endorsed by several type ratings with a variation of Piston, Turboprop and Turbo-Fan Engines aircrafts. He held several positions like Technical Support Manager, Materials Support Manager and then finally got the position of Part 145 Quality Assurance Manager approved by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.He also has experience in Aircraft Maintenance Training, as an approved Instructor from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) with additional teaching experience at ATO General Knowledge Ground School for pilot training.

Hany Nabil Rashed

Mr. Neil Rajiv Joseph

Mr. Neil Rajiv Joseph is a GCAA Licensed Aircraft Engineer with experience on the B777 -300ER/ 200LR/B777F, A380-800, Cessna 172. He studies his postgraduate at the University of Sydney a top 50 world ranked university, specializing in Electrical Engineering. He acquired his bachelors in Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance from Emirates Aviation University and Coventry University. He has played role in the execution of multiple projects for Emirates Engineering.

Neil Rajiv Joseph

Mr. Hussain Titi

Mr.Hussain Titi is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Instructor with a BEng in Aerospace Engineering from Swansea University. During his time at university, he participated in various drone build projects and was the winner of two competitions. With a strong passion for aviation, Hussain is always eager to expand his knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. He has been working in the field for two years now, and takes pride in helping his students achieve their goals. When he’s not teaching, you might find him reading about the latest aviation technologies or flying drones. Overall, Hussain is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional who is committed to making a positive impact in the field of aviation.

Hussain Titi

Mr. Shahriar Al Azam

Mr.Shahriar Al Azam being a GCAA CAT A1 holder and combined experience of both line and base maintenance on several different types of aircraft, gives him the skills needed to deliver the requirements to the students to train them properly about aircraft maintenance. This makes him the perfect candidate for being the workshop technician.

Shahriar Al Azam