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Basic Theoretical & Practical Training for Category “A1”

Basic Theoretical & Practical Training for Category “B2 ”

Basic Theoretical & Practical Training for Category“B1.1 ”

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category B1.1/ B2 (Exams)

Elevate your journey into the aviation industry with our GCAA-approved CAT A1 license course. Designed as a task-based license, the CAT A1 empowers you to independently sign off on specific aircraft tasks, fostering practical expertise.

Introducing CAT B2, the esteemed Engineer’s license centered around aircraft’s Electric and Electronic components. As a CAT B2 license holder, you wield the power to grant aircraft approval post substantial Electrical/Electronic work, showcasing your mastery in this pivotal realm.

Unleash your potential in the aviation realm through the CAT B1.1 Engineer’s license. With this prestigious license, you’ll wield the authority to greenlight aircraft for service, signifying your mastery of aircraft maintenance. 

A licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Airframe and Engine of the aircraft. They also learn how to test them for their correct functioning. They play a major role among the maintenance personnel to keep the aircraft ‘airworthy’ at all times.

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