Basic Theoretical & Practical Training for Category“B1.1 ”

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2400 Hours

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Unleash your potential in the aviation realm through the CAT B1.1 Engineer’s license. With this prestigious license, you’ll wield the authority to greenlight aircraft for service, signifying your mastery of aircraft maintenance. As a CAT B1.1 holder, your journey doesn’t stop at licensure. Elevate your career by pursuing top-up degree courses, converting your expertise into a coveted Bachelor’s degree. This dynamic pathway showcases your dedication to excellence and sets the stage for even greater accomplishments.

Duration: 4 years

After completion of 2 years of theoretical and practical training at Sarsan Aviation, the students will be doing 2 years of OJE (On Job Experience) with our partner organizations at one of the local airports in order to be qualified to apply for their CAT A1 license.

Number of Participants (Theory): Maximum 15 each per category.

Number of Participants (Practical): Recommended 5 (5 student per each practical instructor) for B1.1

Mode of delivery: This course is offered on a full-time basis and in campus where students have to attend classes from Monday to Friday (9.00 AM till 4:00 PM).

Examination: Module examination, closed book, multiple-choice examination type and / or essay questions.

Pass mark per module examination: 75%.

After successful completion of theoretical and practical training including Phasor examination (Semester/Term Examinations) and Assessments the “Certificate of Recognition” will be issued to the students.