Basic Theoretical and Practical Training for
Category“B2 ”


Dive into the digital age of aviation with our dynamic Basic Theoretical and Practical Training for Category B2 at Sarsan Aviation Academy. Specially designed for the technologically inclined, this program focuses on the electrical and electronic aspects of aircraft maintenance. As aviation technology evolves, the demand for skilled professionals in electronic systems has soared. Our Category B2 course offers an in-depth understanding and practical skills in maintaining the electrical and avionic components of aircraft. This training, approved by the GCAA, positions students at the forefront of aviation maintenance, preparing them for a thriving career in a rapidly advancing sector of the industry.

Introducing CAT B2, the esteemed Engineer’s license centered around aircraft’s Electric and Electronic components. As a CAT B2 license holder, you wield the power to grant aircraft approval post substantial Electrical/Electronic work, showcasing your mastery in this pivotal realm.CAT B2 engineers are a sought-after force due to their specialized expertise in electrical systems. In a landscape of high demand and limited supply, pursuing CAT B2 is a strategic move that opens doors to exceptional opportunities. For those passionate about both electrical engineering and aviation, CAT B2 is the definitive pathway.
ModuleSubjectCAT B2
M1Maths Applicable
M2Physics Applicable
M3Electrical Fundamentals Applicable
M4Electronic Fundamentals Applicable
M5Digital Techniques Applicable
M6Materials & Hardware Applicable
M7Maintenance Practices Applicable
M8Basic Aerodynamics Applicable
M9Human Factors Applicable
M10Aviation Legislations Applicable
M11Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems Not Applicable
M13Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems Applicable
M15Gas Turbine Engines Not Applicable
M17Propellers Not Applicable
Minimun Admission Requirement
Min grade 10th or 12th Pass

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