Aircraft maintenance engineering (AME)

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How to become an aircraft maintenance engineer in Dubai

Aircraft maintenance engineers are highly skilled professionals who install, maintain and repair aircraft engines, frames, systems and structures.

Their skills are highly important and vital to the aircraft industry, and it therefore offers a potentially long, rewarding and promising career option, especially in UAE.

But what does it take to become an aircraft maintenance engineer? What qualifications do you need? What training do you have to undertake?

Here’s our guide, step by step to the aviation journey you’ll need to take to join this respected profession.

Becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer needs serious guidance. Sarsan Aviation Academy is ready to assist. We have AME GCAA CAT A1  (Basic), AME GCAA CAT B1.1/ B2 (Exams), EASA CAT B1.1/B2 (Exams), On Job Experience (OJE). Begin your journey today with Sarsan Aviation Academy!


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