Fueling the Skies: How the Middle East’s Aviation Boom is Elevating Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

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As Managing Director of Sarsan Aviation Academy, I’ve observed firsthand the Middle East’s potential as a fertile ground for AME growth. With the region securing 53% of LinkedIn votes and leading on Instagram polls, the message is clear: the Middle East is an emerging market ripe with opportunities for aviation maintenance and engineering.

The UAE’s strategic initiatives and heavy investments in aviation infrastructure, alongside a projected CAGR of over 5% for the next decade, position the Middle East as a powerhouse for the aviation sector’s growth. The increasing fleet sizes of carriers like Emirates and Qatar Airways, coupled with the anticipated rise in passenger traffic to 255 million by 2037, demand a greater number of skilled AME professionals.

Additionally, the launch of Riyadh Air in Saudi Arabia marks another significant contributor to the industry, promising to further catalyze the need for comprehensive aircraft maintenance and skilled personnel in the region.

Sarsan Aviation Academy is ready to meet this demand by equipping the next wave of AME experts with cutting-edge training and education, ensuring the region’s aviation sector soars to greater heights.


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